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Solving NxN Sudoku Via Deductions & BFS in Python

In this blog post, we'll combine the rules of Sudoku with Breadth First Search (BFS) to develop a simple algorithm for solving any Sudoku puzzle. (The algorithm we'll develop should be able to solve 16x16 puzzles in minutes, not hours.)

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Functional Programming In Python: Practical, Step-By-Step Guide

The web is littered with theoretical articles about functional programming, but has very few practically useful resources. This guide is a practical, hands-on, step-by-step resource for exploring functional programming in Python.

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Build Your Own Python Template Engine

Template engines like Jinja and Mako can considerably simplify the generation of HTML output. In this blog post, we'll implement a simple, yet flexible Python template engine, in under 50 lines. The exact same principles are used by the Qree template engine.

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Hello, World!

Last month, we decided to ramp-up our contributions to the open source software community. In this blog post, I'll describe our newly released FOSS projects, and give you an idea of what's to come.

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